Smart Solo DTCC

Smart Solo DTCC

Dynamic Technologies (DTCC) is a world leading manufacturer of seismic sensors.

Established in 1999 in Calgary, Canada and Beijing, China, DTCC has been manufacturing top quality geophone products and earned its great reputation in this industry. DTCC's products are widely used by the major seismic contractors around the world.

DTCC's products include digital grade geophones for traditional geophone string applications, and DT-SOLO series high sensitivity geophones for point receiver applications. DT-SOLO series are recognized by the industry as the most reliable high- sensitivity seismic sensors.

DTCC's new product SmartSolo - World's First Smart Seismic Sensor defined a new category of seismic acquisition equipment. DTCC will continue to develop smart sensor and IoT technologies for energy industry. The goal of DTCC is to let people "Perceive The Complex World Easily".